Farm Holidays Accommodation

-coutryside experience-




Stay in our farmhouse and activities for adults and children in contact with nature:

The playroom, the park with the swing, the slide, the small swimming pool, the pony ride, stroking a rabbit or picking up a chick.

First time on horseback, rides on the morainic hills, fishing on the river, walking the dog to the water mill.

With our bicycles or rickshaw, in Peschiera del Garda or Mantua on the cycle path on the river, or visit the hills of the lake.

Relax and enjoy a glass of homemade wine, prepare your own barbecue.

Try the honey of the beekeeper friend, boil an egg from our hens, distribute the bread with the butter and jam of our fruits.


...Countryside Experience ..


During your holiday we can organize for you a creative workshop to introduce you to fresco painting, one of the oldest and most complex artistic painting techniques. Immersed in the eclectic and stimulating content of the farm Corte Canale Virgilio, you will be guided through the various stages of a fresco, from the preparatory phase of the support to be painted to the most expressive phase of the final painting. Mrs Luisa, professional artists, will accompany you in this experience. An opportunity to try your hand at an ancient art, which still retains its tradition and manual skills. At the end of the session you will have the satisfaction of taking home an artwork entirely created by you.
PARTICIPANTS: from 1 to 6
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